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Because a "brochure" site just doesn't cut it.

You've probably seen a thousand of them, and forgetten almost as many. They're "brochure" websites that stay just the same, month after month, with a few paragraphs of text about the organization in question.

What they don't have is anything written in the past 2 or 3 years (or more!) that can give you an idea of what's new in the community and any plans for the future.

And what about depth of information?

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find out about something only to be greeted with page after page of the same ancient statistics?

Dynamic and up-to-date

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This is where LittleTree comes in, and our software really gets a chance to shine.

It's called CMS, or Content Management Software --- but it does more than just a few blog posts. Find out just how much more, by looking over the details.

It's simple to use, comprehensive, and affordable.