Little Tree

Customizable Networking & Content Management Software

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Fluid directory structure and instant updates!

Your community is different from all the rest, and a standard directory setup won't give you the control you need to show the world how diverse the business is in your area.

With LittleTree, you can create your own categories and sub-categories and edit them however you like. Rename a category here, transfer a sub-category there --- you can even add a company to multiple sub-categories to get the right fit!

Editing the directory is simple and easy

Login to the LittleTree Control Panel, and update a list of announcements to display on your welcome page, instantly edit information about your organization and upload photos of landmarks and historic moments. You can even sell sponsorships to chamber members to increase their marketing potential.

An especially important aspect of LittleTree is the expanded directory listing. This feature promotes interest in the community by collecting validated information on individual businesses, enables keyword directory listings, and improves the ranking of the website with search engines.

And the design is just for you . . .

We don't believe templates are the right solution for everyone. Certainly, they can be useful for private use, or small companies struggling to get started, but a community that's well-established needs a website that shows off its unique aspects and opportunities.

That's why the LittleTree software suite comes with professional design services. Each customer is given individual attention. We listen to what the customer wants and take care to show the community's culture through the graphic design.