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Our most recent project

What was it like?

Screenshot of the Greater Pickens Chamber of Commerce website

The Greater Pickens Chamber of Commerce originally had a standard WordPress blog for their website. While this allowed them to update the content, it lacked the features they needed to reach their target audience and really offer value to both visitors and members of the chamber.

The design of the website, as always, is tailored to the culture of the community and the tastes of the client in particular. Tired of the harsh color scheme and lines of the WordPress theme, our client requested something welcoming, soft on the eyes, and rich in earth tones.

You can take a look at the finished product and see how it all came together.

What about the integration process?

From start to finish, we offered support with learning how to use the LittleTree software, tweaking the design and features to suit specific needs, and of course smoothing out the various wrinkles involved in the transition.

We'll do the same for you, too. And this is only version 1.1 of the entire LittleTree package --- not just the software. We will continue to make improvements to all our services as our company expands.